26/11/2011 - Brand new issue of British Worker on the way!

LOOK OUT for the latest issue of British Worker, which should be out towards the very end of this month!


As members and supporters of Solidarity Trade Union will know, we’re planning a street version of BW.  Until now, it’s been produced in a magazine format.  However, in line with our policy of building an “infrastructure of a mass media of news and entertainment” we’re now going to produce it in ‘agit-prop’ form.


Therefore, issue 5 of the new-look British Worker (which’ll be the equivalent of a double-sided A4 sheet) will be very ‘populist’ in tone.  It’ll be aimed at ordinary working families who’d normally read the Sun or Mirror.  Articles will be tight, punchy and to the point.


As the union develops, we’ll be producing national, regional and trade-based ‘agit-prop’ publications.


In time, we also hope to launch a replacement ‘in-depth’ magazine.  This will look at trade union heritage and history as well as featuring articles on strategy, law, ideology and debate.


Commenting on the move from magazine to ‘agit-prop’ format, Solidarity General Secretary – Pat Harrington – said:

“The first few issues of the ‘agit-prop’ British Worker will be largely experimental.  We’ll be working hard to give it an ‘identity’ of its own – thus the layout, style and graphics may change on a fairly regular basis.  Again, the first few issues will be available as e-publications only. 

However, once we’re satisfied with the final product, we’ll be looking at the feasibility of making it available in printed form.  As it’ll be A4 size, it means that members and supporters of the union can either set up regular leafleting sessions, distribute BW at public events, local shopping areas as well as in work.

One British Worker is established, it’ll be a matter of seeing which national and regional publications are published first.  We’re thinking along the lines of English Worker, Ulster Worker, Essex Worker, Devon Worker, Northumberland Worker and so on.

I’m also particularly excited to see which trade publication we produce first.  We have members in the health service, civil service, postal service, education, railways, and construction to give just a few examples.  Thus we’re looking at publications which’ll reflect the views of those who work in different sectors of Britain’s economy.”


Returning to the theme of British Worker, he noted:

“The first ‘agit-prop’ issue will look at how successive governments can always find money for foreign imperialist military adventures, but never has anything to spend on schools, hospitals, libraries, transport or job creation programmes.”


Whilst on a ‘military’ theme, Solidarity Trade Union would also like to take this opportunity - once again - to call for Remembrance Day to be made a public holiday.  We first called for this in 2008.


Although another Armistice Day has come and gone, we call upon all workers to contact their MPs and demand that they raise this issue in Westminster.


As we have noted in the past:

“Solidarity Trade Union believes that a public holiday around Armistice Day, 11 November, is only right and fitting.  It would both honour our war dead and veterans and remind us that we should strive for peace, democracy and harmony in our troubled world.”

To get hold of the last magazine format issue of British Worker (issue 4) simply e-mail [email protected] and asking for a free pdf copy.