04/10/2011 - 35,000 March against the Tories!

LAST SUNDAY (October 2) around 35,000 trade unionists demonstrated in Manchester – the venue of the Conservative Party Annual Conference.  A march and rally was held by the Trades Union Congress protesting against the “Coalition Government's disastrous policies of pay freezes, cuts and attacks on public services that are producing rising unemployment, cuts in living standards and stagnation.”

The demo attracted many front-line public-sector workers – such as fire fighters, teachers, and health care workers – who are also angry at proposed changes to their pension schemes.  Students and disability activists were also well represented.

And it’s not only trade unionists who’re unhappy about David Cameron’s Tory-led Coalition government.

For a recent YouGov survey revealed that four out of five Britons feel that the Prime Minister will break his promises over immigration – and that he has already let them down over the economy, pensions and health.  (Three out of five also feel that Cameron together with his Chancellor, George Osborne, have let off the bankers).

According to the 2,500 people polled by YouGov – and as reported in the Sun of September 30 – immigration tops the list of issues the coalition has left people feeling “most disappointed”. 

Of the 31 per cent of people who regarded immigration as the top priority, a massive 78% believed that Cameron wouldn’t act on his promise to scale back immigration to 1990s level. 

Other findings noted that 30 per-cent of people felt most let down by how Cameron has handled the economy, 27 per-cent naming pensions and 21 per-cent saying health.

There also seems to be a heightened awareness concerning the banks – with a massive “61 per cent of people think not enough has been done to reduce banker’s jumbo pay packages and bonuses, or to get banks lending again”.

Whilst Solidarity Trade Union knows that surveys can be misleading – the answers obviously depend on the questions asked – we recognise that they can provide a general indication of how people are thinking. 

But the signs are that many Britons are starting to think what we’ve been saying.  For instance, on immigration, we are the only trade union which says ‘Stop Mass Immigration!’ and we are the only trade union which really means ‘British Jobs for British Workers!’

With this in mind it is vital that members and supporters of Solidarity move up a gear in respect of promoting the union.  Our most immediate task is to build the solid foundations needed for future growth and activity. 

This means we must reach our target (for 2011) of 1000 members.  As we’ve previously noted in British Worker:

“These extra members will increase our activist base – thus we can distribute more leaflets, posters and so on. An increased income will allow us to increase
our representation work.”

Help us build Britain’s only free and autonomous trade union!

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