03/10/2011 - ConDem attack on employment rights

George Osborne, the ConDem Chancellor, has announced that the government will double the qualification period to two years for employees to appeal against unfair dismissal.

The extension is part of Chancellor George Osborne's plans to "help business" by changing employment law.

He is expected to reveal details at the Conservative party conference on Sunday.

At present, employees need only one year's service to become entitled to take their employer to a tribunal if they believe they have been sacked unfairly.

Patrick Harrington, the General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:

"The Con-Dem government has no electoral mandate for this latest assault on the right of a worker to seek legal redress for being dismissed unfairly. Osborne has sought to peddle the myth that this will help create jobs. There is little evidence to support such a view. It is clear, however, that bad bosses who mistreat their workers will be encouraged by this change. I have had a case recently where a prominent public figure dismissed one of our members days before what they believed to be the qualification period was reached. Such cynical manipulation will be extended by this proposal."