19/09/2011 - Nationalist Workers Against Capitalism and Communism

TOWARDS the end of July, we provide a few snapshots of our latest cases.  As our membership is varied and diverse – basically a microcosm of Britain's working population – most cases revolved around ‘traditional’ issues such as time keeping, disciplinaries and health and safety.

This article (1) demonstrated that Solidarity is – in this respect - just like any other good union: we stand up and defend our members.

However, one area which makes us stand apart from the rest of the trade union movement in Britain is that we are a nationalist – as opposed to an internationalist – union. 

As a nationalist union our main priority is the well-being of the peoples and nations of the British Isles.  And the main focus of our union is to negotiate with employers over wages, work rules, hours, health and safety issues and so on.

Indeed, Solidarity has often noted that it is a: “Trade Union in the purest sense.  The protection of British workers' economic and social interests are at the core of our agenda. Membership is open to all British workers irrespective of political or religious affiliation, cultural or ethnic background or sexual orientation”.

However, this is not to say that we’re not at all interested in foreign affairs.  Of course we are!  It’s just that we don’t feel as we should be continually sticking our nose into the internal affairs of other countries.  We are opposed to all forms of imperialism – including trade union imperialism!

So given our nationalism, how can we actively fight on behalf of other workers throughout the world?

For some time now, we have been “keen to build a world-wide united nationalist workers front to fight against the twin evils of capitalism and communism.” (2)

In accordance with our libertarianism, this workers front will have to be pan-nationalist.  This is because we recognise that nationalism is very much a ‘broad church’.  As the article Solidarity – build the union (3) in British Worker noted:

“The union is also free-thinking and non-dogmatic.  It recognizes that the patriotic and nationalist movement in Britain is very much a ‘broad church’. In the same
way as the union doesn’t discriminate – on political grounds – against anyone, it’ll seek to work with as many patriotic and nationalist sites and blogs as possible.
It doesn’t matter how one defines their nationalism – as civic, cultural, ethnic, racial or whatever – Solidarity will cooperate with everyone when it comes to
social and economic matters and protecting the rights of workers.”

This workers front will also have to be inter-nationalist (but not internationalist!) as it will be working with other nationalists and patriots - no matter what their race, nationality, ethnicity, sex or religion is.

We’d therefore ask any Solidarity Trade Union members and supporters who have contacts with other nationalists and patriots to get in contact as soon as possible.  Simply e-mail [email protected] with any relevant information.


(3) Get hold of the latest issue of British Worker simply by e-mailing [email protected] and asking for a free pdf copy.