28/08/2011 - Building the infrastructure of a mass media of news and entertainment

altSOLIDARITY TRADE UNION has been talking for some time about building an “infrastructure of a mass media of news and entertainment.”

With this in mind, it’s been suggested that British Worker should be published in ‘agitprop-style’ (as opposed to its current magazine format).  Basically, British Worker will become more of a ‘street’ publication.  It’ll be the equivalent of a double-sided A4 sheet.  (In the meantime this web-site will carry ‘weightier’ articles about trade union ideology, strategy, history and law.)

The first few issues of the ‘agit-prop’ British Worker will probably be largely experimental and be produced on an ad hoc basis.  They’ll be full colour, web-based and viraled out (via a list of subscribers that Solidarity is building).  Later on, a black and white version will be available. 

We feel that a simple (black and white double-sided A4) publication would have great potential. Individual members/supporters could get, say, ten photocopies made up and distributed at work, leaflet a few flats on their estate or houses in their street or leave them on public transport.  Organised groups of nationalists and patriots can take this a stage further by clubbing together and getting hundreds or thousands printed up and distributed.

National, regional and trade-based ‘agitprop’ publications are also planned.

In the meantime, Solidarity members and supporters can get hold of the latest issue of British Worker simply by e-mailing [email protected] and asking for a free pdf copy.

And – as we noted in a recent Solidarity bulletin - an article on Solidarity Trade Union has also recently featured on the National Liberal Party’s web-site. The union also received publicity via an article in Liveable Nation e-zine.

Look out for more information about this in the not too distant future!