21/07/2011 - ‘Red’ Ed the Millionaire!

REGULAR READERS will know that we’re producing a whole series of articles looking at the banks, big business, politicians, establishment trade unions (as well as their leaders) and  the media.  Essentially, we want to find out who owns – and runs – Britain.

To date, we’ve taken a very brief look at Lord Young (David Cameron’s former enterprise adviser) and Conservative peer Howard Flight.  We’ve also highlighted David "Spotty" Rowland, Stanley Fink and George Magan.  Between them, Rowland, Fink and Magan have donated nearly £6 Million to the Conservative Party.

However, it’s not only the Tories – or their supporters – who’re well off.  Some Labour Party big wigs also appear to be swimming in money.
For instance, as we noted late last year, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is a Millionaire (1). 

According to the Guido Fawkes’ blog site (2):

“Millionaire Ed Miliband inherited a share of a multi-million pound property from his Marxist father, some nifty footwork by him and his brother David allowed them to avoid paying six-figure inheritance taxes. Combining marital assets and his inheritance from his father Ralph, Ed himself is comfortably a millionaire.
” (3)
Whilst Solidarity has seen various references to this “nifty footwork” on various discussion forums (4, 5, 6) there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence to back it up.  Therefore, we’re unable to comment on this claim at the moment. 

For some reason the Labour leader is always known as ‘Red’ Ed, but to us he appears to be more of a Champagne Socialist.  He’s certainly very touchy when the subject of his wealth is brought up.  On the site there’s an interview – published in March of this year - with ‘Red’ Ed (7).  Entitled 'When Piers met Ed Miliband' here’s a brief extract from it:

“Are you posh?
What does that mean?
You speak posh.
I was brought up in a middle-class home but my parents were refugees and I went to a comprehensive school, so not that posh, no.
Are you wealthy?
Wealthier than most, definitely.
[Pause] I live in a relatively expensive house.
How much is it worth?
I'm not sure, over a million.
How much exactly?
I don't know, Piers, I haven't checked.
You don't know? Everyone else in Britain knows what their house is worth.
It was bought for £1.6m.
A year and a bit ago.
Well remembered. How big's the mortgage?
Quite big.
How big, percentage wise?
It's reasonably big. Come on...”

Later on in the interview, the subject of Miliband’s wealth is brought up again:

“Why are you embarrassed to be called a millionaire?

I don't actually own the house, Justine does.
So you married a millionaire?
I'm not married!
So your wife owns the house?
She's not my wife!
So your girlfriend owns the house?
My partner. Girlfriend sounds too temporary.”

Since this interview was conducted, Mr. Miliband has married his long-term partner, the barrister Justine Thornton.  A report by the Daily Mail (8) described him as “the atheist son of a Marxist intellectual.”

At the moment we’re conducting more research on Miliband.  We’ll bring you more when we have it.  Suffice to say that – in common with a lot of ‘socialist’s’ - he doesn’t appear to have done a real days hard labour in his life!

We'd be interested to hear from any Solidarity members or supporters who can help us with our research.  This just consists of looking for what is already in the public domain.  The trouble is that sometimes many sites have to be searched to obtain what we’re after.  Our plan is to combine our findings to produce ‘one-stop shop’ for trade unionists.

Therefore, if you have any information – or can help with research – please contact [email protected]   (Please don’t forget to include source material).