21/05/2010 - From Jarrow to London

TOWARDS the end of last month we reported that Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) were organizing The March For Jobs 2011.  Set for October, it will retrace the original 1936 Jarrow March to London. 

This original march came about when a group 200 men from the north-eastern town of Jarrow marched 300 miles to London.  They did so to protest against high unemployment and the appalling conditions they lived in.  They carried a 12,000-name petition with them calling for help.  It was handed in at Downing Street by the then MP for Jarrow, Ellen Wilkinson.

The March For Jobs 2011 will start on 1 October from the centre of Jarrow.  It will follow the original route, as far as is possible, given the modern motorway system.  Around 50 young people will take part in the march from Jarrow, including a mixture of unemployed people and students.  Protests, demonstrations and rallies will be held in each town and city that the march passes through.  It will reach the centre of London on November 5, in time for a planned demonstration through the capital.
So far this new Jarrow Crusade has the backing of around two dozen MPs who – in April - signed a parliamentary Early Day Motion backing the march.

Although Youth Fight for Jobs is a Socialist Party front organisation, Solidarity Trade Union agrees with the basic idea of this march – and that’s to highlight the tragedy of joblessness among the young. We should support it on that basis.