17/05/2011 - Get involved and active in the Union

AS WE reported in our May Day Activities article, Solidarity Trade Union has produced a new leaflet.  Entitled Employee Rights – Turning Back The Clock? it explains how the Government is paying back their big-business donors by limiting the rights of workers. 

It describes the Con-Dem government’s proposed new Employer’s Charter as a move back to the 'bad old days' when employees had limited rights.

The leaflet urges employees to campaign against these changes by taking three easy steps:

STEP ONE – Sign The Petition!  Solidarity’s on-line petition reads: “I oppose the ConDem coalition proposal to increase the period of qualification for most employment rights to two years.  I also oppose the suggestion that employees should pay a 'bond' in order to bring an action at an Employment Tribunal. I regard these suggestions as favouring Employers at the expense of the legitimate rights of employees.” 

Those who agree with this are asked to log onto and sign the petition. They are also encouraged to urge as many other people as possible to do the same.

STEP TWO – Distribute the leaflet!  Solidarity wants to alert workers about the dangers posed by this new legislation.  Therefore, we’re encouraging as many folks as possible to take 100 copies of Employee Rights – Turning Back The Clock? and to distribute them to family, friends, neighbours and workmates.

They come in handy packs of 100 and are available for £2.00 (including post and packing).  Please make any Cheques/POs out to Solidarity Trade Union and send to Solidarity Trade Union, Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD.

STEP THREE – Join the Union!  The leaflet notes that Solidarity fights for its members at grievances, disciplinaries and tribunals.  We provide advice and guidance in employment problems – and that our rates are low at just £5 a month.

Use this link to join the Union:

As well as this new leaflet we’ve also produced issue 4 of British Worker.  This issue is mainly organisational in tone and details what the union is planning for the future.
To obtain the latest issue of British Worker in pdf form, simply contact the union at [email protected] and ask for a pdf copy.