02/05/11 - May Day activities

Solidarity launched their campaign against aspects of the Government's proposed Employers Charter appropriately on the traditional workers day of May altDay. The proposals include extending service to two years for new workers before they can be legally protected from unfair dismissal and the placing of a deposit into an Employment Tribunal in the event of a case.
The following reports have so far come back:
altEssex: "Leaflets were handed out to shoppers in two towns. On a glorious day those that left their gardens will have been surprised to see what the Government have in store for them. One shopper found it hard to believe the Government were going to move the goalposts and make workers wait an extra year before getting their employment rights. Once workers realise that they are in danger we think many more will be prepared to campaign with us against these changes."
Devon: "A table-top was set up to focus passers-by eyes to our campaign slogans. Copies of the new British Worker were also on hand for those who approached the stall. The wages of the district are lower than many other areas so workers are well aware that they get a raw deal compared to others. A number of locals therefore were not surprised by Government proposals to force unfairly dismissed workers to risk the loss of a deposit at a Tribunal. Many wouldn't be able to afford it. There was a lot of support for our campaign. Afterwards we leafleted some nearby homes"
altUlster: "Our General Secretary visited Belfast and  alongside local members took part in the May Daalty parade there. Union activists put up posters in the City Centre and distributed leaflets. A meeting of Union activists was held later in the suburbs of Belfast to discuss recuitment and promotion."
As our campaign develops and more and more workers become aware of these plans we expect even non-members of our Union to join in. In the meantime we urge members to purchase some of our new leaflets to hand out at work and to councillors to help build a momentum against these anti-worker proposals! You can order £100 leaflets by sending a cheque for £2 to:

Solidarity, Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD.