30/03/2011 - The fight against the cuts goes on!

THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE of Solidarity Trade Union has congratulated all those who attended last Saturday’s magnificent demonstration in central London.

Originally, it was hoped that around 100,000 people would Trades Union Congress March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice.  The march and rally had been called so that ordinary workers could demonstrate against the Con-Dem programme of cuts.

In the end, however, around half a million people gathered in London.  This gives an idea of the strength of feeling against Cameron and Clegg’s fast, deep public spending cuts.

However, as we noted in a recent article (26th March: All roads lead to London!) one massive march and rally is not nearly enough:

“There also needs to be a series of massive high-profile demonstrations throughout the length and breadth of Britain.  These demos should be organized by the trade union movement but be open to all.”  

We also need to keep the pressure up on Cameron and Clegg by building a truly genuine broad front campaign to fight these cuts.  This needs to include the trade union movement, all political parties, community groups, the churches, self-employed, responsible small businesses and any other interested group.

We should also be thinking about coordinated strike action – probably kicking off with a one-day public sector general strike.

Another way of fighting back will come at the elections, being held throughout Britain in May.  Here voters can directly punish those politicians who’re in favour of cuts and hit them where it hurts most – at the ballot box.