20/03/2011 - March for the Alternative – one week to go!

AN ESTIMATED 100,000 people will be converging on central London next Saturday to demonstrate against the Con-Dem programme of cuts.  They will be there to support the Trades Union Congress March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice.

The march will form up from 11am on the Victoria Embankment between Waterloo and Blackfriars bridges and proceed to Hyde Park – a distance of about three miles.  The TUC rally will start from around 1.30pm.
It is vital that Cameron and Clegg get the message loud and clear.  These spending cuts are totally unfair.  It’s thought that they will put over a million people out of work.  Many of these will be public servants – such as health and education workers - the very people who form the backbone of any country.
The poor and vulnerable will also be hit as well.  This’ll include the disabled, those in nursing homes, unable to fend for themselves, single parents, the unemployed and those just about scraping by on the National Minimum Wage or Jobseeker's Allowance.

Meanwhile, the greedy bankers and speculators who caused the financial meltdown get away scot-free!

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber described the importance of the march and rally.  He said:
“Thousands of people across the UK are already being affected by the cuts, and many more will lose their jobs or vital public services like libraries or SureStart centres for their children in coming months.
The march is a chance for all of those who've been hit by the cuts - public sector workers, voluntary groups, community organisations, unions and families - to unite and show that there is an alternative to the government's deep cuts in public spending.”

Solidarity Trade Union supports this message from the TUC.  We encourage as many of our members and supporters to head for London on 26 March. Remember though that we are there to support the march not push our Union. No banners or T-shirts just go along and join-in and talk to people.