19/03/2011 - Japanese Disaster Appeal

SOLIDARITY TRADE UNION normally describes itself as a free and autonomous nationalist union.  It is probably Britain’s only nationalist – as opposed to internationalist – trade union. 
Its membership is open to all British workers irrespective of cultural or ethnic background, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.  Importantly, it does not discriminate on political grounds.  As such, it represents many workers from the broad patriotic and nationalist family.

Most of its work involves ‘bread and butter’ trade union issues like terms and conditions of employment, wages, health and safety and so on.  Solidarity fights for the rights of its members in particular and for British workers in general.  That’s why we call for national freedom and social justice.

However, it is precisely because of our patriotism and nationalism that we can identify with the plight of the Japanese people following the massive earthquake and tsunami of last week.

We are generally opposed to government grants of foreign aid – especially as with much of it seems to end up in the pockets of warlords and drug barons complete with enough fire power to start World War lll. Our position is that acts of charity should not derive from the tax-payer in a compulsory form but rather from the individual or associations with that specific purpose.

However, we fully support all humanitarian aid efforts. 

Therefore, we’d appeal to all Solidarity members and supporters to give what they can to any of the Japanese Disaster Appeals.  If there isn’t an appeal being organised by a local church, community or charitable group near you, why not donate via the British Red Cross?