12/07/2009 - Technology Appeal


As the membership of our nationalist Union has been steadily growing we have represented more and more of our members at disciplinary/grievance meetings. We have initiated or supported tribunal proceedings and provide advice and guidance on employment matters by phone and e-mail.

Our work ranges from the 'bread n' butter cases' where members rights and livelihoods are threatened. The 'ordinary' cases include disability protection, breaches of confidentiality and not following work rules. We cannot guarantee to win every case but we do have a high rate of success.

At the other extreme are the high profile cases of political discrimination such as the Mark Walker case. After disciplining him for political reasons his employer then spent a great deal of time saying it wasn't really political and attempted to blacken his name with all kinds of spurious accusations. In the end Mark's health deteriorated which allowed his employer to dismiss him for absence! Of course this is being fought vigorously at a pending tribunal as we always fight injustice however long it takes!

As people worry about their jobs, under threat from migrant labour or from multi-nationals closing down factories in the U.K (because they can produce things cheaper in the Far East etc), we expect to keep on growing. We have also find firms are using disciplinary matters to sack staff as a way of cutting costs. Now more than ever our people need a fighting Union.


Also, whilst we have an extensive geographic spread of membership the number of trained rep’s are present very limited. Naturally turning up in person involves a great deal of travel, much of by train. This ‘dead’ time could however be put to good use by supplying our Representatives with laptops to help prepare and log casework while on the move. It would also help them stay in contact with the Centre.

Solidarity is creating a Technology Appeal to raise monies to help purchase equipment to provide our Rep’s and Administration with useful, time effective, technology. The first Appeal is therefore for some small laptops.

Could you help us with a small donation? If  our members and supporters each gave just £10 we could purchase all that we presently need. Help us make the Union even stronger by sending us a donation either via paypal or by cheque made out to Solidarity and sent to Solidarity Trade Union, PO Box 93, Spennymoor, Durham DL16 9AN. Please give as generously as possible so that we can improve the service to our members.