08/07/2009 - Reject the pay freeze

NuLab Chancellor Alistair Darling has refused to rule out a public sector pay freeze. Darling sought to play-off public and private sector workers saying:-


"We have got to be fair with regard to people who work in the private sector, many of whom have seen their pay conditions somewhere near freeze." 


Darling's comments follow a controversial article in a Sunday newspaper calling for a freeze in public sector pay. In the article, Steve Bundred chief executive of the Audit Commission called for real-term wage cuts. Bundred claimed:- "Cuts are inevitable and perfectly manageable".


Solidarity General Secretary, Pat Harrington declared:-


"Bundred and Darling want to make ordinary workers, many already underpaid, pay for the recession caused by bankers and speculators. Why should they? Workers must stand firm against attempts to impose pay cuts."