29/05/2009 - Vexatious complaints to the Certification Officer

As our members are aware various vexatious complaints have been made to the Certification Officer by disgruntled former members. Four ex-members are involved, Potter, McLinden, Mullen & Haynes. The complaints will be heard over two days on Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June 2009 commencing at 10.00 am each day at the Certification Officer’s premises at Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road, London NW1 3JJ. Please see the CO website with regard to the arrangements for attending hearings at these premises. The traitors and turncoats concerned have been involved in a sustained and orchestrated attempt to disrupt the functioning of the Union and prevent us carrying out our work of providing advice and guidance and representation for those with employment problems. In addition to making complaints to a State body Haynes is personally responsible for the freezing of one Union bank account and Potter for another. Both banks are currently in correspondance with the Union and we are hopeful that the situation will soon be resolved. Alternative banking arrangements have long been in place.

We set out below a summary of the vexatious complaints.


Potter v Solidarity
The claimant has made two complaints: of a breach of section 47(2) of the 1992 Act in relation to an election and breach of union rule in respect of the holding of office.
McLinden v Solidarity
The claimant has made two complaints: of breach of union rules in relation to its executive committee.
Mullen v Solidarity
The claimant has made three complaints: of breach of union rules in relation to the holding of an election.
Haynes v Solidarity
The claimant alleges a breach of section 30(2)(a) of the 1992 Act in relation to a request for access to accounting records.
Our Union brotherhood will be represented at the hearings and will strongly contest each and every complaint. The complaints are unreasonable and we are confident of our evidence and arguments in all respects. Any member of the Press  or public who would like a detailed response to each complaint in advance of the hearing can email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to supply one in advance of the hearing.