19/05/2009 - Notice

The Executive Committee gives notice that Bank of Scotland account number 91812394 (sort code: 40 42 12) and HSBC bank account number 06072921 (sort code: 80 11 00) have been delisted in accordance with section 4 of our Rulebook:-

"4. Members’ Rights and Duties

(k) The Executive Committee may at its discretion vary the bank account into which members pay their membership contributions upon giving one month's notice by letter and on the Union's website. Members who continue to pay their contributions into an unauthorised, defunct or delisted bank account after the account has changed will be considered by the Executive Committee to be in arrears."

Any member who continues to pay their subscription into this account will be considered to be in arrears. No Union services will be provided to members in  arrears. New banking arrangements are in place and members have been informed of these.