08/05/2009 True colours: The London Tories

Love him or hate him Ken Livingstone was interested in public transport. Boris Johnson, the new Mayor is increasing fares above inflation for the next ten years and dropping ten planned transport initiatives.

The cancelled projects include:-
  • The £500 million Thames Gateway Bridge (already granted £350 million of government-backed funding)
  • Plans to bring back trams to Central London
  • The extension of the Docklands Light Railway to Dagenham Dock
  • Plans to replace Oxford Street's diesel buses with an electric tram
  • Proposals to create more pedestrian space on London's major squares
Adam Walker, President of the Solidarity Trade Union commented:-

"This shows that we can't trust the Tories to deliver on public transport. Encouraging the use of an integrated public transport system should be at the heart of public policy. It makes ecological and social sense."