18/03/2007 - Solidarity Trade Union Website Goes Online

Coming on the heels of the first AGM of Britain’s first fully-fledged nationalist Trades Union held in late February this year, Solidarity has now launched its website.

The website of Solidarity stands as the best Trade Union website presence there is. Solidarity may lack the funds, membership and professionalism of the establishment lackey unions at this current time, but it does have dynamism and a completely radical and energetic approach that puts them all in the shade. It is colourful with a powerful and dynamic logo (thanks to Lee Hagan who finished designs from ideas submitted to him), based on the Polish nationalist union Solidarnosc, but instead has a Union Jack flying from the emblem. The layout is very easy to navigate and has been designed to ensure that the average British worker who has little knowledge or interest in Trade Union politics and left-wing sectarianism can access the site.

Since Solidarity will be developing the concept of a system based on the Medieval guild system the website has sections dedicated to each of the Work Sectors that it will be representing, each with its own issues and challenges and how Solidarity will tackle them or to raise awareness of them. Solidarity is aiming to evolve into the ‘One Big Union’ concept, to cover all of the British economy, a scheme pioneered by Robert Owen in the 1830s in the form of the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union. Though Owen wanted to use it to end the current economic system, Solidarity has been set up to end the current discrimination and attacks on the British worker and to help in bringing in the dawn of a new nationalist economic and social system. As Owen also pioneered the involvement of women in the embryonic trade unions, so Solidarity shall invoke the co-operation and power of women to serve in its movement to help bring about real change.

Although a basic template has been present (and we gratefully thank those who were initially involved) work on the new website has been ongoing for many months. Solidarity’s website presence will enable it to reach thousands of potential new members and will help it to spread its message that it is a Trades Union for the British worker.

The website will be its main window through which regular progress and news can be viewed. Further work will be necessary over the coming year to update and improve upon the current website presence, and Solidarity is fortunate to have a qualified IT engineer as its Vice-President. Tim Hawke is the website supremo for Solidarity and has ably assisted its President to ensure that Solidarity has a powerful Internet tool. This will enable it to ensure that it can begin to engage in combat with the rich and powerful establishment Trade Unions who are internationalist in outlook, frequently acting against the interests of the British worker and are mired in corruption.

The construction of a powerful Internet presence is another of the goals that has been attained by Solidarity this year. The first of its many campaigns will be launched later within the next few months, fighting on behalf of the British worker. Meanwhile, the task of creating national Work Sector Heads continues, each Sector covering a particular area of the British economy, such as the Police, Fire Service, NHS and so on. Solidarity will be recruiting able and competent people to head these roles to advise and guide each respective Sector. They will eventually be elected and have voting powers on the National Executive Committee. Suitable candidates who feel that they have the necessary qualifications and/or experience to represent their particular industry/service (they may also be recently retired) can contact the President at the Solidarity contact address, giving details of their work experience (A trade union background is not essential but all candidates are expected to prove themselves to be patriotic and agree with the aims and goals of Solidarity).

Solidarity is founded on the ‘Six Pillars of British Trade Unionism’, which are:
* Opposition to Mass Migration and cheap migrant labour
* Opposition to the off-shoring of British jobs
* Opposition to Political Correctness and Discrimination.
* Opposition to the Privatisation of Essential Services
* Opposition to Union Corruption
* Opposition to the Cuts in Pensions

Solidarity is against the McCarthyism of the existing Trade Unions which are now operating a hostile and aggressive approach to any Trade Union member who has political or moral views contrary to the Marxist dogma subscribed to by most of the TUC unions. Solidarity is open to all patriotic men and women.

General and work specific leaflets and posters will shortly be available to download from the site so that members and activists can print copies and begin the task of recruitment and challenging the issues facing each industry or service.

The Left and its social and economic centres of power such as the Trade Unions and Academia thought that Solidarity was a stillborn child. A faceless facade designed to demonstrate propaganda rather than action. We have now shown the Marxist Muppets of Searchlight, the fat cats of the corrupt ancient regime of the TUC unions, the moguls of Big Business and the despotic fascist Labour Government that there is now an alternative. A new kid on the block has arrived who will no longer allow his brothers and sisters to be bullied by the Trade Union bullyboys, or to accept any longer that we have to put up with being dominated by the multicult headcases whose extremism is alienating and killing the British people. We have started to revolutionise Trade Unionism and to change its protocols and practices. We shall evolve as something other than a union as new challenges and issues develop, but our first job is to protect our members. Once we have the funding we will be able to do the job that is required of us.

Clive Potter
President of Solidarity