09/02/09 - Promises, Promises

Are we the only ones who remember the tough talk from the new Immigration Minister Phil Woolas? He  told The Times that immigration became an "extremely thorny" subject if people were losing their jobs.

"It’s been too easy to get into this country in the past and it’s going to get harder," he said.

Employers should, he said, put British people first, or they will risk fuelling racism. "In times of economic difficulties, racial stereotyping becomes stronger but also if you’ve got skills shortages you should, as a government, attempt to fill those skills shortages with your indigenous population."

Woolas sensibly included all British people in his British first policy, highlighting the high levels of unemployment affecting the British Bangladeshi community. He claimed that it was all too easy for an employer to hire a migrant to fill a job rather than to retrain British people of all races.

 All well and good but we have a question:- has he delivered?