31/01/2009 - The Wildcats are right!

Thousands of workers across the UK have joined disputes protesting about the use of foreign workers at an oil refinery in Lincolnshire.

Sympathy strikes broke out across the country after workers walked out at the Lindsey Oil Refinery when owner Total gave a £200m contract to Italian firm IREM.

NuLab and the bosses of the tame Establishment Unions have made patronising statements saying they “understand the concerns” of ordinary workers. Yet in a time of recession and rising unemployment jobs are being shipped abroad and jobs here given to foreign or migrant workers – a double whammy. The Trade Union reaction to these attacks has been muted and confused. Muted because so many Union bureaucrats are linked to the ruling Party and confused because of their own superficial internationalism.

In sharp contrast rank and file workers are quite clear about the issues and what to do about them! Workers feel angry and betrayed. The grassroots pressure is on the verge of winning an important victory. All that is needed is to keep piling on the pressure. The Solidarity Trade Union says that the Wildcats are right - “British jobs for British Workers!!”

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