11/08/2008 Sita Suez attack Union Rights

The employer Sita Suez has launched an outrageous attack on Trade Union rights. Simon Guest the Assistant Depot Manager of Sita Suez in Willenhall, Wolverhampton has suspended three employees. They were suspended simply for belonging to a Trade Union - Solidarity. 

Worse still evidence has been provided that this was at the instigation of the rival Trade Union Unite who objected to their members leaving to join Solidarity! This disgusting collusion between the bosses and a Union shames the Union movement.

Our Brotherhood is a militant, fighting Union. We will not tolerate attacks on our rights by Bosses or the rival tame Unions.

We urge all lovers of freedom to join our campaign to get our members immediately reinstated and secure a public apology. We invite you to call or fax Simon at Sita and politely inform him that we live in a democracy that upholds the rights of Trade Unionists.

Firm: Sita Suez
Contact: Simon Guest
Telephone 01902 604450
Fax: 01902 730819

I also urge you to sign the online petition.

We will intensify our actions and campaign if reinstatement is denied.