30/06/2008 - Council workers to strike over pay

More than half a million local authority employees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are staging a two-day walkout on July 16 and 17 after rejecting a 2.45% pay offer.

Tens of thousands of job centre workers, coastguards, driving examiners and other Government employees are set to join a strike next month by council workers, making it one of the biggest outbreaks of industrial unrest for years,

The Department for Work and Pensions, Transport Department and Home Office are some of the Government departments likely to be involved. The union is in dispute with around 14 departments over pay and jobs and have already held a number of strikes.

Solidarity believes that the workers are entirely justified. At a time of rising prices the pay offer is derisory. It doesn't even keep pace with inflation and is therefore a pay cut! Remember too that the real rate of inflation is much higher than that given by the government. Their rate is a con based on excluding many items from the calculations. All Solidarity members who work in the areas affected should support the strike in any way they can.